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BTTF launcher is black

posted by Masakiti on - Viewed by 169 users

I've got a problem with the "BTTF" launcher.

It is just black, and I cannot click anything except Facebook and Help links — they work as they're supposed to, opening new tabs in my browser.

Here's the configuration of my computer:

Windows Vista Home Premium
NVidia GeForce 8600M GS
DirectX 10

I tried to download and install all the updates for Windows and the graphic card, I tried to reinstall the game several times and running it on another PC (with the same OS), tried to run it with administrator rights. It didn't help though...

I fact, I had problems with the "Puzzle Agent" launcher as well — it had no images, but at least I could click their frames and run the game. As for BTTF, nothing in the launcher is clickable. Here's how the two launchers look:"]image image

Can anyone please tell me what could possibly be the problem?
Could it be some codec perhaps?
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