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Leviathan - Stuck with Guybrush Picture

posted by Dircules on - last edited - Viewed by 794 users
Obviously, I'm stuck in the face-off puzzle. I've gained 11 of 12 face shapes. Consulting several walkthroughs (not my usual behaviour, but here I'm going in circles for three days by now) I think, Morgan should take back the "lost" autograph of Guybrush - but she keeps declaiming she doesn't want a sissy photograph.

How can I make her making me a face usable for the contest? Or could this be a dead end? Have I done a wrong thing at the wrong time?
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  • have you tried using bile on the painting near murrays chest?
    Have you succeeded in giving bile to decava?
  • Thanx alot, Zetta; meanwhile, I've found my flaw. My mouse cursor wandered across the ship wreck for about a million times, but only on the million-and-first it found the spot where the figurehead is highlighted :o It's mention in walkthroughs always appeared slightly strange to me, but I concluded they'd talk about the iron monkey (left of scene) :rolleyes:
  • Here are all face locations:

    Three are from your first face-off with Bugeye.
    One is from saying 'Arr' to Morgan.
    One is from saying 'Arr' to Moose.
    One is from saying 'Arr' to Noogie.
    One is from using the bile on the painting.
    One is from using the bile and the fish-eye of the manatee with DeCava.
    One is from looking at the figure head of the Howler Monkey.
    Three are from the second face-off with bugeye.

    I'm too lazy too look up the names of each one, lol. Oh and no, Morgan doesn't need the pic back, it's important later.
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