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Do The Cd Versions Of Bone Need Internet Activation Or Not?!!

posted by ADVENT4ME on - last edited - Viewed by 397 users
hi, i was reading your FAQ's and in one FAQ you state that all you need is the CD Key which is printed on the cd and a few lines down you state that all the bone games need internet activation EVEN the CD versions, so what gives? Do the CD versions need INTERNET activation or not?
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  • Yes, they need an internet connection for one-time activation. You enter your serial number, the game hits the activation server to make sure it's a valid serial number, and then the game is registered and the internet connection isn't needed again.

    If you don't have an internet connection, we can send you an activation key to use instead. Just click Activation Support and follow the instructions.
  • I asked a similair question here.

    Could you tell me what the reasoning is behind requiring activation long after cracked release are all over the web?

    And the other question: what kind of support do we get on the CD version? What guarantuees does Telltale Games make about mainting the activation servers, and the continued working of Sam & Max on future versions of Windows? Are there any guarantees that we will be able to play the games if, for example, the Telltale Games or Digital River goes bankrupt?

    (Personally, I really don't like the idea of being restricted in my use of a game that I payed fairly for, especially if the restrictions are essentially pointless as they don't stop software pirates. Why can't you make it easy for both of us, and release an unencumbered product?)
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