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PC disc on Mac?

posted by Naterkix on - last edited - Viewed by 256 users
Back when SBCG4AT came out for PC, I bought it on disc. Shortly after my PC died and I ended up switching over to Mac (and still have the same one and it hasn't had any issues... Hmm...) Anyway, my question is if there's any kind of patch that would allow me to play (finally) the PC version I bought so long ago or will I have to rebuy it?

After posting, I checked in the "My Games" section and the Mac version is downloadable.
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  • Depends.
    Did you buy from the telltale store?
    If so, then you could just go to the "my games" tab at the top right, and you can download the mac versions of each episode.

    If not then I dont really know.
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