deadly intent case 4 glitch?

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I am at the point where I need to get the sample of caulk off the wrist of the body in the morgue. I can access the toolbox but the tool will not work. After exiting the morgue I get an email telling me to ask the doctor about the letter he received about fixing the pipes. I don't have the letter even though I have identified the fingerprint on the gas can. I have matched the caulk from the pipe in the boiler room with the caulk on the generator. I know I need to get the sample from the wrist, but it just won't work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times and played it on 2 different laptops. Both are running vista home premium and the same problems happens on both. Any suggestions?


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    I'm having the same problem I can only get the 1 in each category. I have no idea what to do!
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