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The Bug of Sammun-Mak

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Trapped in a two dimensional wall? Escape without turning 3D!

Pretty weird bug though... It is even possible to have Max as both a cow and normal Max at the same time!

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  • Best. Bug. Ever.

    Did it effect the gameplay at all? Did it ever fix itself?
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    Sure, it affected the gameplay. Depends on your actions whether it restores itself or you get trapped by this bug. I think you can do this two ways.

    WAY 1 (Your bust is not yet split):
    * Mess around with the bust until you can "illegally" walk over the left (like in picture 1)
    * If you've put the bust on the right side, you can "legally" walk over there :)
    * Use Max's power while you're on the far right side in 2D
    * Return as 2D Sam in the wrong place!

    WAY 2 (your bust is split and you made it to the other side in 3D):
    * Use the opening on the far right which unveils an opening below
    * Make yourself 2D again
    * Click on the newly created opening below while in 2D
  • cool bug story.nice work
  • XD They look like biscuits that way!
  • Whoops.

    Pretty elaborate visual exposition on a bug. Hardly see that, nowadays. Thanks. :D

    Also, did it wear off after the reel was finished? Or did it continue on into other reels?
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    It was not possible to finish the reel. When the ending movie begins, all your icons and stuff disappear first. However, the movie never begins. I think I wasn't even able to go back to the menu, so I needed to reboot the game and finish the reel in 3D.

    It's a buggy bug.
  • This actually happened to me too, but I wasn't able to explore everywhere in that form. I was rather stuck on the side of the wall where Yog Soggoth's statue head was hanging down and I couldn't get back on the side where I'm supposed to.
  • I experienced another bug in pretty much the same place. When standing ontop of the ledge in 2D I used some toy (I think it was future vision) on one of the two 2D wing guys and I got stuck on the wall, because the camera got stuck in a way as if I'd be looking through the Sam's eyes and I couldn't talk to the wing guys to get released from the wall.

    So this part of the game seems to be quite buggy =/
  • Sam & Max -Devils Playhouse-Episode 3 -Fight in the arena with Sammun.
    There is a extra white large frisbie-like object in the middle of the screen. I could not move it or see the select dialogue behind it. This frisbie has popped up before but didnt stay long. The righthand comments never refer to this object?
    I didnt receive a reply from support regarding issue 42584.
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