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The Heavy's Incredible Nose.

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Has anyone noticed The Heavy's nose constantly changes shape? Sometimes it'll be really thin and pointy, and then sometimes it'll be flat and wide. You can see it for yourself in the trailer, at around 1:01.

Is there a particular reason for this? Maybe there was some difficulty adapting the Heavy's model for use in the Telltale Tool or something?

Just a random thought. That said, I've really been enjoying the game (I didn't think I'd still be playing it, but I've got to get all those tables and decks...), and I definitely hope Telltale returns to The Inventory soon. :)
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  • It's part of the facial expression. Though it's hard to tell, since he has no nostrils and no wrinkles appear, the crumples up his nose when he make an angry face, makes it longer when he's surprised and has his face stretched out, etc. It's part of TF2's cartoony style.
  • Really? I never thought of that. Does this stuff happen in TF2 (I've never had the chance to look at the characters' facial expressions up close) or did Telltale do it themselves just for Poker Night?
  • I had honestly not noticed this, since The Heavy is so realistically proportioned and drawn--relative to the others--that I just couldn't tell. (Although his proportions are still a bit ridiculous...I mean, hands larger than his head? Makes his line about crushing tiny heads funnier because his head is so tiny and is the smallest head of the group.)
  • I assumed the widening was just him flaring his nostrils.
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