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BTTF Tribute Episode 2

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 7.1K users
Hey dudes and dudettes!

The script is coming along nicely, we'll start shooting soon-ish.
As you know, everybody is welcomed to join us. If you wanna jump in, just send me a PM and, preferably, a photo of you.

I'm asking for a photo because if you really really really look like someone from the movies, you most likely will get to reference that character. For instance, Mr. Tarasis' haircut landed him the part of Doc Brown. Hehe :p


- PM
- a photo
- and also please mention who you'd really really like to play
- if you have a preference and/or and idea, write that as well

Now, for those who already played in the first episode, I will contact you guys with a script as soon as I have your part ready. Lemme just write the names here of people who should be expecting a PM soon enough...

Also, the guys and girls who appeared in the awesome "Let Us All Tell the Tale" are cordially invited to join in. :) The more, the merrier. ...Is that how you spell "merrier"? Awkward.

That's about it!
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