csi Fatal conspiracy pc install problem HELP

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I really need some help. I can't get any info from support. I bought the downloaded pc version which automatically was linked to digital river downloader. well, everything downloads but the game refuses to open and crashes. I get this error: Exception EIntoverflow in module activation.exe at 001A365C Integer overflow. I have no idea what this means and I've tried re-installing and it still does the same. I am running windows xp and all drivers are up to date. I didn't have any problem downloading and running the demo from another website. Anyone have an idea what is wrong. I even tried disabling all other background running systems and it still didn't work. I am so frustrated because I have purchased other CSI games and games from Ubisoft and never had a problem. I am thinking its the digital river downloader that is the problem but there is no way to get into the game without the downloader. need help. thanks
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