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Da Monkey Island-A song dedicated to all the MI fans!

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Da Monkey Island
Lyric by Sean Kool and Seangod, Music by Sean Kool and Seangod, Performed by Sean Kool, Arranged by Seangod, Mixed by 木村蚂蚱, Electric guitar by Sean Kool, Dubbing: 米笑尔(Michelle) as Elaine, Sean Kool as Guybrush

Verse 1
oh girl there's something about you
that makes me 六神无主
everytime you're calling me dude
it's like an ancient déjà vu

Pre-Chorus 1
baby I’m your knight
as the scroll describes
save you from the pirates undo the curse of M.I.
the voodoo lady’s advice seems so right
but too right
is it another lie
in disguise

Chorus 1
sail before the night falls
guided by the lighthouse
the fate of mine is left in such a mystery
they say once you go M.I. no one’s ever come back

Verse 2
gotta find out where you are kept
solve the puzzle decode the trap
locked behind bars still there you are
feed the puppy with all I got
never stops till he throws up
that good boy will spit the key

Pre-chorus 2
hop on board with me
baby now it’s time to leave
all we need is speed better start the engine ASAP
the canon almost crashed our boat
it was so close
I heard the pirate shout
“You’re so dead!”

Chorus 2
every pirate drinks rum
I’ll beat them with a banjo with mighty sound
I will defy even the mightest insult
like I never choke in a Hip-Hop battle Yo

Verse 3
don't wanna twist and shout,
I don't wanna get a lot of sound,
somebody’s calling me dude(voice over: Ahoy there!)
gotta think about the things they say
reminisce the sins we did
back to the days when we

Pre-chorus 2
listen to the songs
in the morning light
every word you sing
making me feel so right
suddenly I found some is wrong
it’s all wrong
I left the treasure chest
in pirate’s hatch

Voice over
Elaine: Guybrush! How can you forget the treasure chest?!!! How dare you?! How’re we supposed to live? I already lost my governor’s job!
Guybrush:Honey don't’ cry! I think I can make our own living anyway

Plot: Guybrush and Elaine escaped from the Monkey Island eventually, but suddenly figured out that he left the treasure chest in the hatch of LeChuck’s pirate ship, which drove Elaine crazy. Luckily, Guybrush found a job as the clown in the Circus soon.

Chorus 3
every circus needs the clown
living like a king uncrowned
life after M.I. is filled with all my magic
will never let you and the kidos down

To MI fans:
The lyrics was inspired by a video game called Monkey Island, ironically I’m not even a fan of video games since childhood, coz’ when it comes to games requiring players to control 3 buttons or more simultaneously, I tend to fail. Poor Sean Monkey Island is the first video game that ever aroused my interest. One day I found my college roommate was playing this game (MI 3-The Curse of Monkey Island), it’s all about adventure, solving puzzles, and also helps me to learn English, most importantly no intense button smashing seems to be needed. So I tried to play it by myself and was soon captured by the lovable characters, well designed plots, beautiful scenes, wonderful sound of the banjo, the fun sword fight along with smart pirate insults. So here I dedicate this song to all the MI fans around the world. Ahoy there!

The music of this song is developed from a piece of melody motive I created several years ago called “6m-4m” which makes the chorus part of the song. One of my best friends-Seangod wrote the verse and pre-chorus part to complete the song. I made some variation and adjustment to his melody and here it is. This is a music before lyric song, I’m so grateful to have the idea of making a song all about my favorite video game-Monkey Island. Peace!
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