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Finally beat Lair of the Leviathan

posted by apenpaap on - last edited - Viewed by 401 users
Telltale, after 15 months of gaming I finally collected 100000 grubs to give to De Cava. So he gets us out of the manatee, and I finally beat the episode. So I went to these forums to celebrate, brag, and see if I was the first one to beat the episode, only to find out that apparently there was some shorter way of getting out of the manatee and most people took only a couple of hours to finish the episode! :mad::mad::mad:
Couldn't you have made it clearer that I wasn't supposed to actually collect those 100000 grubs? I wasted fifteen months of my life on this shit! That's 1/64 of my life, assuming I die at 80 years old! And just think about all the people that must still be collecting all those grubs, but just haven't finished yet! This is just bad game design! How was I supposed to know I should take the alternate route? :mad::mad::mad:
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