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Future suggestions (speed)

posted by jannar85 on - last edited - Viewed by 398 users
* Make the games go faster (like a lower resolution: 640x480 for us don't want long waiting times between the scenes!)
* Optimize the engine!
* An option to have even less details to render
* Any other option to make the games run faster.
* Maybe even have an option to load all scenes on start up?

I personally would love this, as I'm playing the games on a laptop, and would prefer not to wait as long as I do now (10-15 seconds when changing scenes after playing it a little.)

If I remember correctly, Bone was in 640x480 ? That went a lot smoother than the latest Sam and Max installments...
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  • Say, doesn't anyone agree with me here? :| Nothing to consider?
  • Speed kills, remember? Don't you listen to Bush*? :P

    *The band, not the commander-in-chief
  • Now that you mention it, that song may be about Sam & Max... 'the things we do to the people that we love, destroy the world that we took so long to make'... sounds like the things Sam & Max would do. :P

    But anyway, shorter loading times are always good, but I'm not having any problems with the game as it is.
  • I just finished the Abe Lincoln demo (didn't know the demo was out yet 'til today) and it had the best loading times yet for me.

    Also, I've already laughed more during the demo than the first 3 episodes combined... I cannot wait to get my grubby nubbies on the rest of it :D Greatest intro ever.
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