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My gift to you!

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Well hello there! I've been a member here for a while now, and haven't even written anything yet. It's about time now...

I gotta say that I'm really a huge fan of Monkey Island. When I was just I little kid i used to watch my brothers play Curse of Monkey Island. I didn't even understand what they said and what it was all about, but I still loved it! When I play it today a feel this nostalgic feeling. I just can't help that I love it even more...

Right now I'm really into Tales of Monkey Island. I played it with my younger brother, (yeah, I've got many brothers) We had many moments when we literally laughed out loud during this time. Haha, geez... :)

I was actually surprised when I discovered this forum. You know, I just felt like Monkey Island was a little game serie that no one barely knew about. I kinda thought that I was the only one except for my family who had this almost special connection to this game. But now I really see that there are some people out there that feel the same way. And that's awesome. Guys, you're awesome!

So, any way... I really like video editing, so I got this idea of making a Tales of monkey Island video. And So i did! This is a video about two people in this game with a very special spark. No, I'm not talking about Guybrush and Elaine, neither Guybrush and Morgan.. I'm talking about Guybrush and Winslow! I mean, who didn't notice the flirt going on there? :D

This video is aimed for all of you guys!

Hah, hope you get my twisted humour...
I even gave them a celebrity mash-up name!
Winbrush in 3...2...1..GO!
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