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S&m and Tomi running VERY slow on iPad

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Hi there.

My boss got me an iPad today and i was very excited to get the ipad versions of mi and sm right away. But i noticed that the games run very slow and stuttery! The scene on the boat with le chuck is very choppy for example and the lipsync is very off. Walking around on the ship is very hard because of the lag and chopiness. Also sam and max takes long to load (also in game) for example when switching to max for the first time.

Is there something wrong with my ipad or are the games no optimized very well for the ipad?

Let me know!

Kind regards,

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  • Have you tried restarting the iPad?
  • I know this is off topic, but why did your boss give you an ipad?
  • Well, my dad got an iPad for working at the same place for 15 years so it might have been something similar.
  • Yes I have tried restarting it. Also my software is up to date.

    I looked at some of the game reviews and noticed other people have this problem as well. Maybe the games just aren't that optimized for the iPad... Too bad, because I was planning on buying all the episodes that come out (including BTTF) for the iPad too (even though I already own them either through steam or through

    Oh and my boss gave it too me because he hired someone through me. Everyone who brings in a skilled person into the company will get an iPad. (like a good animator or artist).
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    Ben Telltale Staff
    Sam and Max was our first iPad game, and it definitely performs the worst. Wallace and Gromit and TOMI should both be steps up, although they still have trouble in spots. The intro scene on the boats in TOMI is sadly one of the slower scenes.

    For BTTF we are working hard on the iPad engine. It will look/play better than any of our previous iOS offerings.
  • Thanks for the info Ben :) Still I enjoy that you're also devoloping for Ipad (and hopefully Android in the future as well).

    btw, I assume Strong Bad should run pretty well on an iPad right? Since the graphics are not very cpu-consuming.


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