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Special editions worth playing, really

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I think I made this thread before. But I just got a PC from my brother to use on the TVset so I can play games on my large TV down stairs with my family. Cool, huh? Every one can see the action. It's fun. We're playing Broken Sword right now.

My brother is a old school gamer but found the original Monkey Island games to be a little dry, boring. I enjoyed the first two games and laughed at the jokes but I can't remember or not if I actually enjoyed the first two games to be honest...

Anyways, he didn't enjoy the first. Does the special edition of the first game, for PC, really offer you that much? Is it worth it? Again, I may have made this thread but another reason to make it is because the Video Game Crushes thread has been closed and I don't have any "philosophical" threads to fill up...;)
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  • The first Special Edition was good at the time but now it feels like a Rush Job, it's interesting to hear how the characters sound, etc, and the redone music isnt bad, but after Monkey Island 2 received much better treatment and effort, it made the first one look a little rushed and buggy in comparison.

    So yeah, it's worth playing, if only to see how LucasArts took an experiment (First Game) and then how they fully fleshed it out (Second Game).
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