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Need some help (for my sister)

posted by Irochi on - last edited - Viewed by 323 users
First of all congratulations on this "Sam & Max" revival you've done. As a "24 years of experience" gamer i'm really happy with that point an click adventure you just made :). Second thing: sorry if my english is poor cause i'm from Spain and not the best in typing skills :( .

The case is that time ago i bough "Sam & Max, Hit the Road" and my sister really loved it, so i decided to buy this new season for her (Xmas present). The problem is that she is studying in Madrid (500km from here) and i would like to know if there's anyway she could get the S&M realeased chapters in her laptop.

I was thinking about using my Wifi to do so, but would like to ask you first, i don't want you to think i'm trying to do ilegal copys or something alike.

Please answer when possible, i'm not in a hurry atm but would like to tell her how to do it asap :)

Thanks a lot, keep up the good job!
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  • If you try to send her the game through wifi it probably won't activate properly, so it's best if she downloads the games herself onto her laptop. All she needs to do is look up the order here:

    From there she can download the episodes onto her laptop. (Do you mind sharing the order password with her? If you don't want to, we can change it to something else for you.)

    Also, we can change the email address on the order to hers so she gets the email alerts about new episodes. Just send me a PM with the order number and her email address, and I'll take care of it.
  • Thanks a lot :) i'll talk to her tomorrow and tell her how to dowload it from her home in Madrid. Will also talk to her about the email wanings :)

    Thanks a lot :cool:
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