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EXTRA: Guybrush and Crew go metal! LeChuck seen getting funky with a "bone!"

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I'm not sure how many of you guys here follow a little video game music site known as OverClocked ReMix, but today they released a new album called Heroes vs. Villians. It's an album featuring opposing video game character themes rearranged into popular genres, and one such lucky pair they picked was none other than Guybrush and LeChuck!!

Here's a link to Guybrush's theme done as... well, metal.

YouTube Preview -
Download -

No, you aren't hearing things. That's "A Pirate I Was Meant To Be" being yelled by a pirate crew as rock guitars attempt to drown them. Kind of makes Guybrush seem more bad ass, huh?

Here's LeChuck's theme done as Jazz Funk.

YouTube Preview -
Download -

I like the trombone. It makes LeChuck's theme sound goofier. The sound makes me think of Human LeChuck trying to be the hero of the day and how incapable he is of doing so. Makes me kind of want to see a blooper reel of sorts of his various attempts to be heroic in order to impress Eliane.

If you enjoyed these two mixes, make sure you check out the rest of the album. Outside of these two, there are 9 other pairs of heroes and villains, such as Simon Belmont vs. Dracula, MegaMan vs. Dr. Willy, and Axel vs. Mr. X.

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