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Landscapes in adventure games- discussion

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As part of my MA studies in geography, I'm doing an assignment on landscapes and places in computer games. I chose this subject because I love adventure games, and I consider landscapes and sceneries to be a major part of a game: I love it when places in a game (cities, forests rooms etc.) make me FEEL something.
Would you please help me gather some information?

What do you think is a good landscape in a game?
When you consider games you've played, which places in the game made you FEEL the most, and how?
Which aspects of the landscape made you feel that way?
(For example, the D'ni city on "URU- Ages Beyond Myst" made me feel the emptiness: The large open spaces, the dim red-yellow lights and also signs of reconstruction in progress such as the road cones and blockages).

Please elaborate as much as you like, or be brief if you prefer. Anything goes. If you can supply a link for that game, or even better, a picture of the landscape you talk about, I'd be very grateful indeed. :)

I think this can develop into an interesting discussion, because I haven't seen this topic in forums anywhere before. I'm posting a similar discussion in several forums because I need to gather lots of information in a short time. Please don't answer twice...

Thanks a lot, in advance, for cooperating
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