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Idea for merchendise (ep 4 spoilers)

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Max for President Bumper Stickers! I would gladly endorse him on my car (he'd be the ONLY canadate I'd endorse on my car!)

Max for President in '08!

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  • Personally I would like 12" tall stuffed animal versions of Sam & Max, all dressed up. They would be expensive to make I imagine, and equally expensive to sell... But they would sell! And yes, I would definately buy those.
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    Yeah! I second the stuffed animal versions! They would look great in my office!
  • Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters!

    I know they have that western one but I want something simple with just Sam & Max in some cool posee. I love posters. I want one of Sam & Max.

    Although the Max for President stickers aren't a bad ida.
  • Max for President stickers? Oh yeah! I buy those :p And I have said it before.. sam & max plush dolls :D

    Edit: Another thing... Erm... A new edition of Sam & Max Surfin the highway? Maybe?
  • And don't forget this one:


    (and maybe the ones for Specs and Whizzer as well... although "You made me mess up!" is not a good slogan :D)
  • (so you think that "Time out for nr 1" is a good slogan? :p)
  • Harald B;23333 said:
    (so you think that "Time out for nr 1" is a good slogan? :p)
    Well, by "No 1" he could always mean "the top candidate" (which would've made a GREAT campaign!).

    EDIT: Oh, by the way... IF TellTale should do posters, I would REALLY prefer them to be painted by Steve Purcell, rather than just being renderings... the Peeper one would look even better when being painted.
  • Mmm, yes... Being that straightforward might even have worked in 2004 :D.
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