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Game is going to get old soon. TTG, new feeling?

posted by doodo! on - Viewed by 128 users
This game is sort of still new, some day it'll be old. This forum section will be slowed down, people will come here for trouble shooting and tips. TTG still has a new, cutting edge feeling to it. But it's going mainstream now, with big titles like this one, Jurassic Park, being compared to Heavy Rain, etc.

TTG forums still has a certain feeling to it. As time goes on though, less and less posts will occur in gaming sections of the forum, and only old users, new users if even, will start posting in the general chat, places as such.

I think the web is still important to TTG(s), they don't really have what I'd consider great advertisment, commercials, etc etc outside of the web.

What are your thoughts? I thought this was a good place to look first as it's the closet to getting older and it's not likely getting a season 2.

I always thought this forum was important to TTG as it's where I found out about it, and it's one of the best places for hype.

At the least I think the feeling of TTG may change quickly, or at least soon :D
This place feels like a tight community, I've never seen a forum like this before, as these are episodic adventures, the forums have a life of their own that mirrors TTG releases, in some way I can't put into words...

The forums don't seem to have any dead spaces yet, well maybe a few, but over all it doesn't seem like it would feel right. In time I think this section may die down a lot.

Monkey Island is a huge franchise and TTG took lots of spirit and life when it picked it up and took it on, but soon it will be a older game and I feel like TTG might get dragged down with such great energy and spirit that it won't any longer really posess in a "youthful" way.

Once the fresh wears off these forums won't seem the same, not atleast to me. This was a major subitute to several MI fans to talk about the game(s). We've been over most topics already :D

Again, thoughts?

This is actually a hypothetical question, I don't literally believe this. Some times I feel like this.
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