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Biff's Voice - Terrible - Takes Me Out Of Game

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I downloaded the demo last night on the Playstation 3 and when the music started up I was seriously excited.

When Doc and Marty are talking at the mall for the time-travel experiment... it was awesome. It looks and sounds like it should...

I have not played a game like this... EVER! So, this is new to me...

But... and this is kind of huge... Biff's voice is TERRIBLE and takes me out of the game.

I mean, you get Christopher Lloyd and a spot-on Michael J. Fox impression... but Biff is terrible.

What was the issue with getting Thomas F. Wilson? Did he want too much money? Did he just not want to do it?

And while I am ranting... George McFly is terrible too.

Am I buying the game? YES... but it still sort of takes the enjoyment out of the game when these two huge characters from the movies... don't sound like they should.
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  • Tom Wilson doesn't want to associate himself with anything to do with BTTF anymore (I think he believes he will get typecasted), he won't even sign BTTF memorabilia. Also, there were many communication issues between TTG-Wilson's agent and Agent-Wilson. He even says TTG didn't contact him when they said they did.

    Gale and Crispin Glover are not in very good terms since BTTF I.
  • Well, that is a shame... oh well, I just have to suspend my belief and imagine that is what Biff sounds like...

    Thanks for the reply!
  • Biff's voice does suck, he's better as Kid Tannen, but the current day version just doesn't suit that voice at all.
  • But George McFly is pretty well done too, so I'm a bit shocked that you didn't like him either!
  • There are times where Biff kinda sounds a bit like Christopher Walken
  • It gets worse in Episode 2...
  • I've enjoyed Episode 1 & Episode 2 but, I have to agree with everyone who's posted so far. I'm sure Biff's voice actor (can't remember the name right now) is a great voice actor BUT, he's not Biff. It really did take me out of the game. If there's any way for telltale to PLEASE get in contact with Tom Wilson, or find someone who sounds more like him, and re-record the lines for the DVD, that would make these games all the better.
  • Regarding getting Tom Wilson for the voice, I have read where he has stated that he was never contacted, yet Telltale stated something along the lines of that he wouldn't be able to do it. Purely my opinion, is that telltale contacted his agents, and his agents waved it off and said no but they did not actually tell him about it since he didn't even know a game was coming out. I believe there's some threads on this forum that states it, as well as he answers that question on his Youtube page in the comments that he was never contacted.

    But I agree, Biff's voice, both old and young, just throw me off. Geoge McFly's voice throws me off too, but not as bad as Biff's.
  • Yeah, I like the George McFly voice actor as well. I'm not asking actors to completely replicate the voice pitch perfectly but should mostly mimic the tone and mannerisms of the character. For this he gets an A

    The Biff voice actor... not so much. Just a bad casting call on this one, but I can live with it.
  • you sir, are not a real bttf-fan

    biffs voice is acceptable....
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