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No save or load game option in "get tannen"

posted by silverstreakusa on - last edited - Viewed by 541 users
I dont know what is wrong. i loaded get tannen last night. and then the telltale servers were down for a little while and ever sine they came back i can play the game but there is no load game option and no save game at all. i can play put i cannot save and if it autosaved i cant load my last game.

please help.

i am using xp home edition. and episode one works fine still.
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  • i am having the same problem and i think others are having the problem as well....any answers out there??!??!
  • I'm having the same problem too. I accidentally unplugged my speakers during the last 2 minutes of the episode, and didn't hear what was going on. Too bad I have to replay the whole episode all over again. Did they just forget to add a save function to this episode?
  • I've really been looking forward to Episode 2's release, but I'm having the same issue and simply don't have the time to play through it in one shot. :(
  • I also have no option to save in Get Tannen, what gives?!

    Guess I should have bought the PS3 version instead, but I got tempted by the free copy of Puzzle Agent, sigh.
  • A-ha! From the BttF discussion board:
    Epic Kiwi wrote: »
    I had the same issue with Episode 2, it turned out it was because I had been playing the game with the Episode 1 launcher, causing it to not authenticate my copy of Episode 2 and run it as if I was using an illegal copy. Once I used the Episode 2 launcher and it logged me in, the game saved just fine.
  • A-ha! From the BttF discussion board:
    I've come across the same thing. This makes the "unified" launcher pointless; each one should simply be able to launch its own game alone, or it should be able to launch any with no problems.
  • Wow, what a stupid mistake. Why make a unified launcher and then making using it screw up your game because of DRM?

  • Agreed. An unified launcher is sleek, but it shouldn't give issues like these. :confused:
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