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A couple of minor bugs in Ep. 4

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Hi, I just finished playing episode 4. It's been really great!!!

Just wanted to point out a couple of glitches, so you can fix them for the final CD version:

1. If you get out of the "political debate" as Max (selecting his last answer from the list), and then try to talk to Abe again, then Sam's sentences appear as if they were Max's (see attached capture).

2. Not really a bug, but after Bosco has received $100M, he still says he will make an anti-missile system when he gets funding.

Other than that, great game! ;)
Keep up the good work!!!

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  • Another very minor glitch:
    Try using the organic listening device on the cookies in the War Room.
  • A minor annoyance: the game creates a new save file EVERY time you play the War Song, meaning you have to delete the new ones or end up with duplicates.

    Incidentally, the problem with Sam's text appearing white appears in other places, too, I expect any time you're able to end dialogue with Max and talk to the same person again with Sam (when you arrest drivers in Episode I, for example).
  • I've also found that it is very hard to control Sam's movements in this episode. I noticed it most on the White House Lawn and in the Oval Office. The Oval Office is the worst: when I'm in the middle of the room (on the seal in front of the desk) and I click on the Exit Door on the left side of the screen, Sam takes a step or two in that direction, then turns around and walks to the War Room.
  • Also when Sybil gets the $100m, the sign outside her place still says "Abe Lincon must die", it doesn't change to "self service" until you enter and then exit the place.
  • I had problems when placing the beacon on Abe and driving off to the White House while Max was still commenting: The subtitle stuck and the missile was still aiming at Bosco's inconvenience store.
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