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Season 4

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Will our favorite detectives be returning for another season?
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  • We got a lot of speculation threads. We don't know for certain.
  • For now, we wait until we find out what Telltale's new games are going to be. If season 4 is not announced, we wait a year or two. :(
  • Telltale should host a question and answer event when they go to the next avaliable gaming expo :D
  • To my knowledge, they're supposed to be at PAX East on Sunday, March 13, at the Wyvern Theater in the Boston Convention Center from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The panel is mostly based on Poker Night At The Inventory, but since Max is one of the characters, it would be unlikely to resist asking a Sam-and-Max related question while you're there!
  • Well, I would bet it will happen. However, just as with Devil's Playhouse, expect an announcement rather close to release (I think Devil's Playhouse was announced about 2-3 months prior to the first episode releasing). I guess Telltale just doesn't need to hype Sam & Max so much anymore (Since its pretty much guaranteed to sell, provided they keep the quality standards or raise them even higher), so they aren't announcing them a year in advance or so, which tends to happen with other franchises that might need hype to sell (BTTF and Jurassic Park were announced long ago).

    In fact, I believe that even in a year, we still won't have seen all 5 games/franchises they just announced released. I'm sure at least one will still be on the "pending" list.
  • If they do make a season 4 mabey it'll have something to do with the alternate ending to season 3?or mabey just go by the normal ending?oh well.lets hope for the best!
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