Getting into speak easy

Alright, I'm back in 1931 in Hill Valley where I'm supposed to go back to the new speak easy and I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get myself in the door with Matches asking me these questions.

How do I correctly answer him to gain access into the speak easy?

Thanks for any help you can give me :)


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    Maybe you found a note on the bar at some earlier point in the game. It contains a very clear hint on how to solve this puzzle.
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    You can't go back and get that note, but the pattern is not hard to figure out. Watch a few other patrons enter, and pay close attention to the questions and the answers. If you still need help...
    The beginning of the answer must have the same word/partial word as the end of the question.
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    omfg this section is really annoying
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    Who let you come to my door?

    Doris Day.

    What will you do if I send you away?

    Wait til Wednesday.

    Where were you born?


    I hope this helps.
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    It won't, because the questions are random.
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    That is true but the pattern remains the same.
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    Something to keep in mind that I missed on my first few attempts is that there are many options to choose from, and not just the four or whatever shown. The down arrow initially escaped notice.
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    Wasn't this puzzle used in one of the Monkey Island games? :-) It baffled me at first but when I looked at the note I got it AND I remembered I'd seen it before.
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    i just used trial & error and memorized some of the questions & anwers.
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    ReDi, you're thinking of the gambling club puzzle on Phatt Island. It's got similarities but works from a very different angle. "If this is three (shows five fingers), what's this (shows two fingers)?" I won't say the answer just to bug the people who never played Monkey Island.

    Also, Cyphox, that sounds like a really boring way to do it. The pattern was a lot easier to figure out if you had that helpful sheet from the under-renovation speakeasy.
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    I'm stuck at this part too. i guess ill try it again.
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    ReDi wrote: »
    Wasn't this puzzle used in one of the Monkey Island games? :-) It baffled me at first but when I looked at the note I got it AND I remembered I'd seen it before.

    Yes, this is a near re-hash of the "if this is (blank), then this is...?" puzzle from Monkey 2.
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    The only think you have to worry about is the last word of the phrase coming from the doorman. Also, thankfully, you only have to do this puzzle once.
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    Another tip for your next play through, if it isn't nailed down, take it.
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    I never grabbed the note, but figured out the wordplay easily enough. The "look over the counter" option seemed a little too risky in that scene.
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    Q: What will you do if I break your leg?

    A: Leggo your Eggo.

    Q: What will you do if I let you inside?

    A: Sidle up to your boss.

    Q: What will you do if there's a raid?

    A: Radio for help.

    Q: What will you do tomorrow?

    A: Row my boat.

    Q: What will you do when I send you away?

    A: Wait until Wednesday.

    Q: Where are you going?

    A: Inglewood.

    Q: Where did you come from?

    A: From Russia, with love.

    Q: Where do you live?

    A: Livermore.

    Q: Where do you want to be tomorrow?

    A: Rome.

    Q: Where you born?

    A: Borneo.

    Q: Who died and made you boss?

    A: Boss Hogg.

    Q: Who gave you the right to knock on my door?

    A: Doris Day.

    Q: Who is the King of Siam?

    A: Am I.

    Q: Who said you were worthy?

    A: The old gray mare.

    Q: Who told you to come here?

    A: Hieronymous Bosch.

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