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Just discovered Digital Vibrance

posted by Harald B on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
I've just discovered an interesting option of my nVidia card. Amongst the color correction options is a slider labeled Digital Vibrance. Increasing this (it was off by default) greatly increases the intensity of all colors, contributing to a much more colorful and cartoony feel. From what can tell in briefly trying it out with ep4 it suits Sam & Max especially well, and I think I'm going to replay all episodes just to reexperience the art in renewed splendor.
If you've got an nVidia card, you should definitely give this a shot. And if you have any other brand it may be worthwhile to look for a similar option (I've got no idea if this is in any way unique to nVidia).
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  • Wait until you find the "Saturation"-switches on your TVs remote... a whole new world! :rolleyes:

  • Oh, very funny! So I guess this is old news then? Well it was still a revelation for me, and one I felt like sharing. It's like the graphics are lifted to a whole new level of greatness.
  • Well, I've got an Nvidia card and have no idea about digital vibrance. I never had a reason to mess with the options :D Sounds like it would be perfect for the games I'm currently playing: Sam & Max, Bone 1 and 2, and Monkey Island 3.
  • Harald B;23437 said:
    So I guess this is old news then?
    Well, most of my graphics cards of the last years had a "saturation" option... so I was a little surprised about you being that surprised. Though, obviously the term "saturation" isn't fancy enough for today's graphics-drivers.
  • One site I found seemed to suggest that nVidia invented the name Digital Saturation so that they could patent it. :p Anyway, yes, if they'd just used the term saturation instead I might have tried it out earlier. The only reason I did was because I noticed that my Sam and Max screensaver looked much more appealing when viewed through my TV. That coupled with the fact that saturation is strangely not amongst the sixteen tweaking options my monitor offers.
  • While the slider is nothing new to me (I always check out every option of my graphics cards, I am anal about that) the idea of using it in the S&M games is new. I might try it on Episode 5, just to see how it looks.

    Up until now, I have found no use for the feature, so thanks for the idea.
  • My DELL panel (2407 WFP) has three modes, one of them called 'Gaming' which kinda does the same thing: intensify the colors.

  • Digital Vibrance would be a good name for a techno band. Or a Blue Man Group album.
  • Yeah,

    They could have songs like, "the colours of the screen", "the options of my hardware" and "intensify the colours".

    I fold.
  • Well, cheers for cluing me into this, because I totally forgot about the option!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go replay Culture Shock! :D
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