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Puzzle Agent 2!

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There's not a lot to say yet, but Puzzle Agent 2 is happening! Read little else about it at the Puzzle Agent 2 site.

Watch the teaser trailer!

This article at CBR has some more info as well.

An excerpt:
"I'm just over the top, thrilled that I'm here getting ready to do the next game for 'Puzzle Agent.' I did not anticipate that initially. I just knew that I wanted to make a game that I, myself, would want to play."

Annable told CBR that, while many details of "Puzzle Agent 2" are still being worked out, he expects the gameplay mechanics to be similar to the original -- but better. "The first time out was the first time out for all of us, and there was definitely a lot of chatter on the forums about some of the puzzles not being where people wanted them to be," Annable said, laughing. "So we're very well aware of that. But storywise, we mapped out a whole entire story arc that went way beyond the first game -- we thought maybe, possibly we'd do more. We certainly hoped we would -- so now we're getting a chance to play the rest of the story out and that's more my focus, but technically there's a whole team of guys shoring up whatever we think we can improve upon."
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