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Puzzle Agent 2!

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There's not a lot to say yet, but Puzzle Agent 2 is happening! Read little else about it at the Puzzle Agent 2 site.

Watch the teaser trailer!

This article at CBR has some more info as well.

An excerpt:
"I'm just over the top, thrilled that I'm here getting ready to do the next game for 'Puzzle Agent.' I did not anticipate that initially. I just knew that I wanted to make a game that I, myself, would want to play."

Annable told CBR that, while many details of "Puzzle Agent 2" are still being worked out, he expects the gameplay mechanics to be similar to the original -- but better. "The first time out was the first time out for all of us, and there was definitely a lot of chatter on the forums about some of the puzzles not being where people wanted them to be," Annable said, laughing. "So we're very well aware of that. But storywise, we mapped out a whole entire story arc that went way beyond the first game -- we thought maybe, possibly we'd do more. We certainly hoped we would -- so now we're getting a chance to play the rest of the story out and that's more my focus, but technically there's a whole team of guys shoring up whatever we think we can improve upon."
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  • PainDealer;507281 said:
    Meh... meteorology not astronomy!
    No clue what you mean by that.
    Anyways, I checked an encyclopedia before writing my first post and it never mentioned that some countries did it differently, only specified the dates of equinoxes and solstices and explained that's what seasons are. I assumed it was a global consensus since that's also how it was taught to me.
    Wikipedia though does specify that not all countries do it the same way (at least the English one does. Haven't checked the French one). It seems pretty weird to me (like deciding on definitions for day and night that have nothing to do with whether the sun is up or not) but it seems I was wrong! (So is my French encyclopedia).

    Still, it makes sense for Telltale to give deadlines that match the place where they are, not other places in the world. Doesn't mean they can't miss them, but they don't miss them based on other parts of the world (just like with their release dates being that day for them, not for Australia or Europe).
    So Ireland's summer starting on the 1st of May, although interesting, is still as irrelevant as Australia's starting in December (they do follow the seasons I know, don't they?)

    This reminds me of an anecdote. When I was a kid I thought that seasons, like months, just kept the same names in the Southern hemisphere as they do in the Northern, but that summer was cold and winter was hot.
  • I was a bit wrong about the Irish seasons, my knowledge is based on a 9 month stay on the Emerald Island. Over there summer begins 1st of May on calendar, but Met Eireann says it's June, July and August (like everywhere else). You're a bit off with the astronomical definition of the seasons. Solstices and equinoxes are in the middle of a season, not the beginning. So that would make the start of summer halfway between spring equinox and summer solstice. Astronomically, TTG missed the deadline but by meteorology they are still on.
  • PainDealer;507629 said:
    You're a bit off with the astronomical definition of the seasons.
    Apparently, in some cultures, you're right!
    The solstices, together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons. In some cultures they are considered to start or separate the seasons, while in others they fall nearer the middle.
    The way I was taught, they start them. So while the day might change from one year to the next, generally Spring starts on the 20th of March, Summer on the 21st of June, Fall on the 22nd of September and Winter on the 21st of December. However we tend to just say the 21st for all even though it's generally around it only.
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    will PA2 come out soon
  • seibert999;508817 said:
    will PA2 come out soon

    We'll get some information and details at E3 on this, I'm 99.9% positive.
  • Bryko614;510699 said:
    Release date is on the site:
    Yep, June 30!

    And we have a cool contest starting today where you can enter to win early access to the FULL Puzzle Agent 2 game about two weeks before it actually launches to the rest of the world!
  • Preordered and contest entry sent!
    Can we submit more than one contest entry?
  • Drat, I had some really witty captions - then I re-read the instructions and discovered they have to tell a story. :(
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    i got it :D
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