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Could The Walking Dead be the second Telltale licence to get more than one season?

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So Telltale are doing a season of The Walking Dead. Now we know next to nothing about the game so far so it may sound greedy to ask for more than one season already but in this case I think it's keeping in line with the text.

Robert Kirkman, writer and creator of The Walking Dead said in his introduction to the comics:
For me the worst part of every zombie movie is the end. I always want to know what happens next. Even when all the characters die at the end... I want it to keep going.

More often than not, zombie movies feel like a slice of a person's life shown until whoever is in charge of the movie gets bored. So we get to know the character, they have an adventure and then, BOOM, as soon as things start getting good... those pesky credits start rolling.

The idea behind THE WALKING DEAD is to stay with the character, in this case, Rick Grimes for as long as humanly possible. I want The Walking Dead to be a chronicle of years of Rick's life. We will NEVER wonder what happens to Rick next, we will see it. The Walking Dead will be the zombie movie that never ends.

Well... not for a good long time at least.
If Telltale only did one season it would seem to be going against what The Walking Dead is all about. Though the game would obviously need to be successful to justify more than one season.

Now for the record I'd like to see more Monkey Island but if that becomes an impossibility because of LusasArts going back to the dark side of the force then I think The Walking Dead would make the most sense for the second multi-season Telltale game.
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