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  • I think there are several variations of this tune (example: the one that plays in the office).
    My favorite is "pounding fathers" on the season one soundtrack.
  • It does sound like the bit in "Pounding Fathers"
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    That cue first appeared in Season One when Sam & Max make their appearance on Myra's show, so it may be around there on the Season One soundtrack. It also appears at the end of a few big moments, eg Pounding Fathers. It's never been its own separate cue, though, and has only appeared in cutscenes. The chord progression/melody line are the same as Sam & Max's office theme (and a big chunk of the street theme, and driving theme), but at a much quicker pace, so you've probably heard it all over the place.
  • That's my favortie riff in the whole Series, and probably among the top for all Video Games.
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