Drama, and why it needs conflict.

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Anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead comics and or TV show knows that the story is as much about the interpersonal interactions of the group and its members, as it is about the crisis/crises surrounding them.

From zombies, criminals, and the insane; Rick and his band of survivors have faced much hardship throughout their travels and quest for survival.

Now I agree with what little has been said on these forums, The Walking Dead can be a great game about story... but like all drama it needs conflict. And most of the time in games conflict is action... not just words. And though the action of the drama can come from avoiding conflict, i.e survival. Running can only get you so far, eventually you must turn and take a stand.

I am not saying that it has to be Left 4 Dead or the Killing Floor, in fact I don't want it to be. But Telltale please don't do what your doing with Jurassic Park and make the action take place via QTE's. We can have hours of scrounging, travel, and survival in the wastelands with interpersonal relationships and quarrels with the rest of humanity... but we can also have bite sized moments of action? The retort of a rifle, the boom of a shotgun?

I realize that for now this is secondary, for we know so little about the game itself as of now. But this thread can serve as a place for open discussion about the games potential gameplay.

Am I right? wrong? in-between? Please comment.


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    I can' talk about any details, but yes, I agree, action and physical conflict are part of the fabric of this world. We're doing a lot of exploration on the game design side to figure out what makes the most sense for the the Walking Dead.
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    I am really looking forward to this one. I can't wait to see what Tell-Tale does with this one. Drama with interesting inter-personal conflicts and making the hard choices needed to survive is what I am looking forward to the most.
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    I completely agree, I don't think QTE's would work for The Walking Dead, but there does have to be some kind of action when trying to get away from zombie attacks. The immediate effect vs. longstanding consequence of using your gun must also be a big dilemma for the player.
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    Trying to turn it into Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising is unnecessary and total unwanted in this case.

    The biggest threats and the ones who cause the most damage in the comics are the human characters.
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    I understand, and I want to say it is always appreciated to see developers interacting with their fans. Thank You for your response, and any future ones at that.

    It too is not my wish for The Walking Dead to turn into Left 4 Dead, the series is not about the mindless killing of the undead. However Rick and his group of survivors have encountered many forces who work against them (Those amongst the living, and those amongst the Undead). And they have used violence to resolve these conflicts.

    I am not saying we need pools of blood and buckets of bullets. Though in an apocalyptic wasteland chock full of the Undead, and those amongst the living who want what you have... on occasion the use of a firearm or a blade may be required. Sometimes words are not enough.
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    You guys all seem to be on the same page as Jake and I, which is nice :D

    Hopefully we're building something ya'll dig.
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    Also, this game needs to be a hard, hard "M". When violence does break out, there needs to be a way to convey extremely dramatic, slow violence in a gameplay sense. Slow violence like when
    the Governor cut into Tyrese's neck
    , or
    the torture sequences
    . There should be some gameplay element that forces players to watch the events on-screen, and this is one area where I think Heavy Rain deserves props and reference for the general idea(the finger-cutting sequence). Slower, gruesome, troublesome forms of violence are vital to the feel of the Walking Dead flow.
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    Agree with all that's being said. But when action sequences do come, it has to be with regards to consequences... You fight with someone: how will it affect the other survivors? And let's not forget the "shooting attracts the walkers" thing. We need some action but be aware of the price and consequences.
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    I agree with the idea that their should be consequences. I would love to see a system that penalizes you for using them at the inopportune time. I would want ever swing of an axe and every shot of a pistol to carry weight.

    The protagonist(s) of the story finds them self or themselves in a situation where action is required. A few shots later and safety is found once again. However after that it should be realized that though they bought themselves safety, it might have just come at the cost of survival down the road...
  • Lee dies. Spoiler alert, bump.

  • (just wanted to point out, this post was made before season 1 of the actual game)

    Lee dies. Spoiler alert, bump.

  • Perhaps I'm alone here, but am I the only one that actually enjoys the QTEs? In particular the I found forest scene at the beginning of All That Remains to be intense. I've actually gone back to play it a few extra times just for fun.

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