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What is your favorite Sierra music? (not necessarily KQ)

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We all know Sierra games had some AWESOME music. What are your favorites? Some of mine are (in no particular order, maybe will add more later):

Space Quest 3 theme
I just love how the SQ main theme is merged with the Sierra fanfare, and the music after that is EPIC.

Erana's Peace from QfG1
There's just something about this music... it's really enchanting.

King's Quest 3 intro music
Many know that I'm no particular fan of KQ series, but I do like KQ3 very much. And the intro music really makes me feel for sadness in Gwydion's heart.

Conquests of the Longbow intro music
It surprises me how great CotL is and how it's one of the lesser known (in general audience, I guess every Sierra fan knows it) Sierra adventure games among people. To me, it's one of the ultimate best Sierra adventures.
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  • The Erana's Peace theme is one of my favorites. I also love the Girl in the Tower theme from KQ6 -- both the instrumental from the game and the cheesy vocal version Sierra tried to get on the radio.

    I love some of the Gabriel Knight music but don't necessarily know which tracks they are. And others, I'm sure.

    Anyone else enough of a dork to own this? (Yes, I am one of those dorks...)
  • Haha...the Girl in the Tower radio version has aged VERY badly. The instrumental version from the game's score was great though. I loved the way the theme showed up multiple times in different forms throughout the game. Great stuff.
  • Girl in the Tower and the radio thing is hilarious. They were going for Beauty & the Beast alllll the way with that game.
  • Gabriel Knight Music, and leisure suit larry.
  • So many great Sierra themes. They had the best musicians and composers ever. Mark Seibert, Ken Allen, Chris Brayman....fantastic and talented people. Most of my favourite Sierra themes come from Ken Allen and Mark Seibert. The dark forest and weeping willow themes from KQ5, pretty much everything from Conquests of Camelot, a good chunk of themes from Conquests of the Longbow, Space Quest IV's entire soundtrack is bliss, Space Quest 3 is a fun rockin' score, KQ6 is elegant and absolutely beautiful. There's so much excellent work there.
  • KQ5 and 6 have a lot that I like such as the fight against Mordack and the fight against the Minotaur, but my favorite ones come from QFG 1 and 2, specifically the Brigand's Hideout/EGA Character creation and the Rush To Ad Avis/Final Battle theme from QFG2. I really love Seibert's music a lot. It would be AWESOME if Telltale could get him back for this project.

    Edit: Can't believe I forgot it, but I agree with the original poster about the Conquests of the Longbow Theme song! I actually only played that game for the first time about a year ago, somehow having missed it during my olden days of Sierra game playing. When I first heard the opening, it took me back.
  • Emily;455091 said:
    The Erana's Peace theme is one of my favorites...

    I love some of the Gabriel Knight music.....
    Yes, I agree completely...

    I have to admit that as a little kid I didn't have a soundcard on my computer so I would sneak into a quiet part of the house and call the Sierra 1-800 number repeatedly just to listen to the Sierra soundtracks being played on high quality MT-32 soundcards as hold music. I called so many times that Sierra called back on my home number and asked my parents what was going on. My parents had no idea but put me on the phone to explain. I answered honestly and the person at Sierra, amazed that I loved the music so much that I'd call hundreds of times just to listen to it, sent me a CD of their music for free. That made me love Sierra even more! My favorites are 'Erana's Peace', the opening theme from 'Gabriel Knight', and the opening theme from 'Quest for Glory II'. I still find myself humming them from time to time, even all these years later... Brilliant stuff!

    P.S. - It's great to see you back Emily. I always really loved the way you interacted with the Telltale fans. You really made us feel like we were all part of one adventure gaming family joined together to bring back the adventure gaming we loved so much. A big part of that was/is your obvious love for the games. You're not just someone doing a job - you're a passionate advocate for what all of us love so much, amazing, magical, epic adventure games. Thank you.
  • Also, if you love Sierra music make sure you check out these high quality versions of all the best Sierra music at Quest Studios:
  • I always still find myself listening to the music from leisure suit larry, what can I say? I love jazz music(Even if it sounds "not so clean" ;)).
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