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Can enough story, looks, and good sound design make up for less interactivity?

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I don't have a too much of a problem with the QTE-storytelling mechanics from HR. What I don't like is the apparent loss of character control.

The preview they did with Giant Bomb had bland "exploration". Standing in place and looking around the scene? Quick traveling by looking at pictures? Well, that's one way to sidestep complaints about the walking in TTG games, but I'm not sure if this experiment will be worthwhile. Don't forget that Heavy Rain also had multiple solutions, so sticking with the same strictly linear puzzle design could work against the game.

I'm onboard for the rest BttF, but this looks TOO movie-like. What could one achieve from playing through it rather than just watching it on YouTube? You guys will have to sell me on JP.
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  • Well the problem I have with the game is that because they are taking away interactivity the poorly animated models, flat voice acting, and wrong Tyrannosaur sounds are much MUCH more noticeable. I hope they iron out the game a bit.
  • I too doesnt mind the QTE mechanics and even the quick travel within certain puzzle moments anymore, and I'm sure they will improve animations and sound, the rest looks good. I understand that with this kind of gameplay you can achive moments and storytelling you wouldnt be able to do with traditional gameplay.

    But my last and biggest concern is really the we cannot control the character and wont be able to explore the movie sets by walking around in them.

    Like I said in an other thread, exploration is one of the most important things in a franchise-based game. Look at the Ghostbusters-Game, every once in a while you are able to walk around the fire-department, which has no relevance to the story or gameplay at all, but its there cause fans enjoy exploring the headquarter of the ghostbusters with all the details and props from the movie. Even in Bttf you get to explore Hill Valley of the 30s and Docs laboratory with all the details. And now in Jurassic Park we are not supposed to move the character at all, no free exploring, but staring at pictures like in Myst. You cant be serious!

    I actually really want to know if there will be free movement and exploration (and for the record, I'm not talking about Sandbox or FPS or even big levels) in some sequences, cause that really decides if I'm gonna get this game or not.
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    Tromeritus;455087 said:
    Can enough story, looks, and good sound design make up for less interactivity?
  • It depends on how memorable the story is... I do not think that Heavy Rain is all that replayable.. but the story and atmosphere make it worth every penny. But when you really look at it there is not much "game" there... Heavy Rain is also the only game I have played that I thought the QTEs where not bothersome.... so there you have it... Im hoping JP's QTEs do not outright piss me off.
  • In the end it has to be fun and entertaining.
  • The question maybe is: Is controlling the character or walking around really unnecessary and pointless? Can you achive the same feel when giving certain camera views to switch between them and skip the walking part, or does it feel different when walking manually to certain places where the camera then switches to the given views mentioned. Does "walking" itself give something to the overall feel or is it just point- and needless.

    I think just the fact of controlling the character and walking between the important scenes instead of just switching between them or "quick travel" does add more immersion and simply give the feel that I'm walking around in an environment, it just gives me more the feeling that I'm controlling whats happening on screen, that I'm in there, even if its an illusion. I dont think I'm the only one who feels like that.

    Maybe the solution is to give the player an option, that he can move around when he wants to and if he does feel like thats just a chore, let him use the quick travel function. Maybe by unlocking the "Short-Cuts" by visiting the place the first time or by switching it on and off in the menue. At least in bigger places wheres not just about solving one big problem like seen in the demo. Hopefully someone from the team will tell us how its gonna be in the game...
  • So far, the only problem I have with the game is that they're not using the original T-Rex roar. However, I like that we're finally getting an actual story line in a Jurassic Park game. I also don't have a problem with QTE's. I've played and enjoyed Heavy Rain several times and it never got old for me.

    As for the lack of interactivity. I don't think there is a lack on interactivity. You're still interacting with different items and places in the enviroment. You're just doing it with out having to walk. I said this on another thread, but I compaired Jurassic Park to the traditional point and click adventure games. You click on an area of the screen and and the character walked that way.

    That makes me agree with what they said in the 15min demo. Since this is an adventure game The walking isn't necessary. In fact, it would probably just get in the way. In BTTF, walking is the worst part of the game. It might just be the PS3 version but when the camera changes angles it seems to confuse the character and you end up walking in the wrong direction. It would be easier and more fluid to just click where you want Marty to go so he can walk that way. This is basicly what Jurassic park is doing. I like that it's going to have a more traditional Adventure Style to it. And I don't think we're getting a lack of interactivity because of QTE's. Granted, we're not getting as much as you would in other games but you have to keep in mind this is an adventure game. The problem is that everyone is thinking about the game they want and not about the game they're getting. And the game we're getting appears to be a very awesome Jurassic Park game.

    I still understand the want for exploration. I would play an open world Jurassic Park game too. I'm a huge fan of Trespasser. But that's just not the game we're getting right now. And that's not a game that TellTale would make.
  • Lol this thread reminds me of the Rage HD (id Software) and Infinity Blade (Epic Games/Chair Ent.), for iOS, free roaming/on rails brouhaha.

    Needless arguments toward a developers vision.

    As long as it's fun and worthwhile, I dont care how you interact with a game.
  • To reiterate, I'm not talking about free-roam at all, just the apparent lack of agency compared to other TTG games (much less adventure games as a whole).
  • Tromeritus;455455 said:
    To reiterate, I'm not talking about free-roam at all, just the apparent lack of agency compared to other TTG games (much less adventure games as a whole).
    Yeah, why does everybody always assume that Sandbox is meant when talking about this? Nobody wants it to be free-roam and most of us dont have a problem with these QTEs by now. But many of us want to walk around, at least in some sequences, even if its just in a limited area, like in Bttf.

    When walking is so tedious and unnecessary, why didnt they skipped it in Bttf then? When P&C is the same than direct controlled walking, why did Telltale changed that interface after all? Why didnt they sticked to simple Point&Click interface? Maybe because it does feel different? I mean why did Quantic Dream keep the movement of the character by the player in both Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain when its so pointless?

    I just see no reason why they removed that basic gameplay-element completely, cause it DOES feel like its missing and unnecessarily damages the gameplay feel many would have.

    And I dont think comparing this JP-Game to classic adventures makes sense, cause this gameplay-mechanic IS something new just like Heavy Rain, and I dont thnk telltale is trying to go back to the roots of adventure gaming with this.
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