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LeChuck voice comparisons in videos!

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I think that you may have heard of this, but over a year ago, LeChuck was first voiced by Adam Harrington in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, as Earl Boen had been in partial retirement and couldn't voice the character, though he did return to voice LeChuck in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. Months later, after Boen's return for ToMI Chapters 4 and 5, the guys at Telltale had him revoice LeChuck in Chapter 1 for the PC DVD release. Now for those of you who are wondering what both LeChucks sound like, I have video clips of the beginning of ToMI Chapter 1 that were uploaded by blackadder125 in comparison. Here are the videos for both LeChucks and what they sound like.

ToMI Intro: Adam Harrington Version (Part 1)

ToMI Intro: Adam Harrington Version (Part 2)

ToMI Intro: Earl Boen Version (Part 1)

ToMI Intro: Earl Boen Version (Part 2)

So what do you think of both LeChucks? :)
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  • For easier comparison ... here it is stating at roughly the same spot.



    I think Adam did a fine job in the role ... But Earl obviously is better not because Adam was bad but because Earl was LeChuck's voice ever since he was given one...

    If they make ToMI season 2 and if they can not get Earl to do it I would be fine with Adam doing it.
  • They both have ups and cons. Earl Boen has the advantage because he's a clasically trained actor and he has been established in the role ever since CoMI as people loved his performance. However, sometimes he tends to do the voice too high pitched, and you can notice that he's having a hard time trying to mimic his younger self. He's much better when he doesn't force his own voice. And the voice alteration both in CoMI and in Episode 5 helped in that sense, making the performance a little scarier. I would love to hear Boen's performance without the alterations.
    I must say that I love how Boen exaggerates every line when he's talking about his evil plans.

    Adam on the other hand didn't had much of a chance, as he only voiced one Episode, and it would have been interesting to hear his work on the rest of the episodes, and then compare both works. The "Har, har, har!" is weird though...
    However, Adam did what he could and he did a great job, considering how difficult is to mimic Boen's voice and style.

    So bottom line: They are both great in their own ways. It's just a matter of opinion or who you heard first.
  • Yeah. But what about Earl's voice work in Escape from Monkey Island as LeChuck? I suppose he must have done better, IMO.
  • Many people complained that Earl's voice in Episode 1 wasn't good but that's because Adam had the advantage of doing it at his own pace. When Earl had to re-record those lines he had to time them to be as close ot the original as he could which somewhat affected the performance, where as obviously he had his own pace for Episode 4 and 5.

    Not to hate on Adam, but his LeChuck was just awful to my ears, he did a brilliant job as Scruffman in Puzzle Agent though!
  • Best line deliverance - Adam
    Best voice for LeChuck - Earl

    And, yes, Adam's superior deliverance of the lines can probably be attributed to his freedom during recording.
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