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Art Direction

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Okay, I think this deserves its own thread:

What kind of general art direction do you wan the game to take? What is your favorite game in terms of in-game art?

I personally would love something that looks similar to the AGD Interactive and Infamous Adventures remakes of the first few King's Quest games:


A lush, "painted" look with a vibrant, storybook color palette. I think looking at the game should give a similar impression as looking at the box art for previous games, I-V specifically. I think a storybook color palette(erring on the side of "earthy" tones) is really important, and I would love to get the impression that the world exists on a storybook page, possibly with a perspective to cement that(with a camera similar to that in the earlier King's Quest games for atmosphere purposes). I don't think King's Quest is a franchise whose roots are in cinema, unlike Police Quest which draws from police dramas and Space Quest which draws from science fiction "Flash Gordon"-type influences, so a "cinematic" approach to the camera would seem wrong, like an "adaptation" of a fairytale on screen being adapted into a game, rather than adapting the fairytale itself in game form.
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