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Move and Kinect support for Jurassic Park

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After having watched the gameplay video that has been posted in another post of this forum, I think, even more than before, that this game, being based in Heavy Rain mechanics, should implement Move controls in its PS3 version.

These controls made the prompts in Heavy Rain more enjoyable for me (though I suppose it's not something for everyone), and made the action scenes more immersive.

Also, if a 360 version is being developed (in the video you can see a 360 controller, but could just be the PC version played with a 360 controller), I think it would be great if some Kinect interactions were implemented as well.

I think QTE-based games can improve with Move and Kinect, since QTEs are such a simple mechanic. Yes, it's the same gameplay after all, but I think the different way of playing is fun.
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