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The official Lack-of-character-movement-thread

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Maybe I'm just overreacting, but this quick travel thing and no character movement at all really just bugs me out. I actually want to know how many people here feel the same, cause to me skipping all kind of movement really takes much of the overall gameplay feel and immersion. I'm not talking about the simple puzzles, the QTEs or this cinematic style, I just feel that without some kind of roaming something is really missing and I fear that this dissappointment will spoil that game for me!

I'm usually not the one to say than games need to be this and that, but this is Jurassic Park and one of the things I was excited the most is visiting movie locations and walking around and exploring them. That definetly wont be achieved by switching between some screens. Not even Heavy Rain skipped movement, cause they knew it just feels different. I also dont know how they want to create suspense when you are not able to move. Only though cut-scenes?

I want to make a suggestion:

Please make this quick travel optional. I know that without it it wouldnt be possible to switch characters like seen in the demo, but at least give the player the choice wether to walk between those screens when its possible or use quick travel, maybe by switching walk-function on or off in the menue or simply as an additional way to navigate. This would please gamers who like to walk around and those who think its tedious.
When not for all non-QTE parts, then at least in sequences where bigger areas are visited without one big puzzle to solve. Maybe quick travel could then be optional by unlocking them when a place is visited the first time to shorten backtracking

In the demo when first selected the shed, there was actually a short cut-scene showing him walking to it. So you have the animations, additional camera-angles, shouldnt be a big effort to add this, though of course I dont know. But I think by this radical decision telltale just unnecessarily deters potential players and JP-Fans.
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  • I too am a little worried that quick travel will be the only way of getting around.... Why on earth would they do that? What is this 1992? Is it going to be ported on the 3DO?
  • As it looks in the gameplay video, I think I could almost play this game on a DVD remote. Please put the gameplay back into your game telltale.
  • I don't know... Usually walking was the part that I hated the most about most MI games. Except for LeChuck's Revenge... For some reason I loved walking and going from island to island in that game.

    It depends on the game, really... Let's just wait and see if not walking around is a bad idea. Maybe we'll like it. And if we don't, they can always change this for the upcoming episodes.
  • If they are trying to immerse you in the world... I think travel by way of a picture menu is counterproductive.
  • Irishmile;456419 said:
    If they are trying to immerse you in the world... I think travel by way of a picture menu is counterproductive.
    I think it would be awesome to walk around the island, and at points have random encounters with different Dino's.
  • Guess what...
    Official Jurassic Park merchandise licensed by Universal= I don't really care as long as it represents the movie and brings back great memories!
  • If we can't move, then why bother making a game? Might as well make it a movie.
  • Tiranno;456440 said:
    If we can't move, then why bother making a game? Might as well make it a movie.
    Yeah, maybe, except you cant connect and xBox controller to a movie, you can't interact at all, atleast in a game you get to choose your path!
  • RexMaster;456442 said:
    Yeah, maybe, except you cant connect and xBox controller to a movie, you can't interact at all, atleast in a game you get to choose your path!
    You're not choosing your path in this, your following theirs. And you're following as close as possible thanks to this interface. It looks closer to Dragon's Lair than Heavy Rain. Come on Telltale, let me have a look around in Jurassic Park.
  • You already know my opinion. I think that when it comes to the style of gameplay that Jurassic Park is going for then the walking is not important. I'll bring up Back to the Furture again as an example.

    Let's look at the walking in that game. You can freely control your character in that game. But what's the point? There is no exploration in that game. Every area you are in is small and there's nothing much to look at. You can look at signs and quickly enter building and all that good stuff but is having to walk there really that big of a deal? Your character walks only a few feet between items that he looks at.

    Like when Marty looks at Docs items he left behind. You don't even need to directly control Marty. You can use the triger buttons to pick what to look at and then when you hit the x button he walks over there himself. This is what Jurassic Park is doing. You select an area of the screen and you interact with it. Having to walk your character directly with the analog stick just wasn't necessary when you can just click on what you wanted to look at.

    And the quick travel can hardly even be considered Quick travel when the area you're traveling to is right next to you. Quick travel to me is like in the game Oblivion. You want to get to a city that is miles away on the map so you click on it and you teleport there. This isn't what jurassic park is doing. Again, think back to the old adventure games. When you wanted to enter a different area of the game you click on the side of the screen or on a door and your character walked that way and exited to the next area. This is what they're doing in Jurassic Park just instead of clicking on the side of the screen you're clicking on a picture of the next area. All they did was take a tried and true formula and gave it a fancy new interface. They have yet to show anything that proves that there will be fast travel. I doubt we'll be in the middle of the jungle and then just be able to teleport to the Visitor Center. There might be, but they haven't shown anything like that yet.

    The other issue is the linear gameplay. Personally, I don't mind linear gameplay. And I'll admit that this game looks very linear. Like joslittle said, "You're not choosing your path in this, your following theirs." But is that really such a bad thing? I mean, look at Dead Space. The Dead Space games are basicly a straight line. You go from A to B with out ever really straying from that path. But it's still a great game. And it's a great game because a lot of cool stuff happens between point A and point B. I believe the same will be for Jurassic Park. As long as the story is good and as long as some interesting things happen between point A and B then the fact that the game is linear won't be a problem.

    But that's just my opinion.

    I didn't vote by the way. Because I don't think walking is important in this style of gameplay, but I don't consider the way you travel to diffrent areas short cuts. (because it's the same as if you would be clicking on the side of the screen to leave the area) And I do care. lol
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