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Favourite ending in Devil's Playhouse

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  • Episode 4. The first two I found shocking, but they came out of nowhere and were almost out of place. Episode 3's was the worst. Episode 5's was great, but still a little disappointing. Episode 4 was hugely climatic and did a great job building up to the end. When the final twist happened, it came out of nowhere, yet made complete sense.
  • I'll go five, while I found the Statue of Liberty section of episode 4 the best part of the season the twist ending just seemed unnessisary. As a resolt I found episode five to be just an add on to the rest of the series. Sure a few threads were tied up but the events of the series didn't realy cause the final conflict.
  • Because I played the whole season at once, I didn’t see each episode’s end really as an “ending,” so… I’m really racking my brain here, agh… What I liked about the first episode’s ending was that it reversed what we were used to in the first two seasons. That was really exciting, to suddenly an unexpected conclusion, rather than the typical ‘we saved the day’ stuff. Episode 5’s end is satisfying, but it left me feeling a little empty at the same time, so… I don’t know.
  • Episode One was such a cliffhanger I wanted to just hit my head on the desk.
  • Episode 3's made me the most pumped out of all of them.
  • I'd have to say my favorite ending was "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls" since the final part for it was epic and the way that it ended set you up for a "here comes the ultimate finale" kind of deal for the next episode. Plus I didn't really expect that to happen.
  • I forgot about Beyond the Alley of Dolls ending well my favourite is tied between They Stole Max's Brain and Beyond the Alley of Dolls
  • Beyond the Alley of the Dolls has the best final act/finale, but The City That Dares Not Sleep's ending induces infinitely gross sobbing, so...

    I'll say 304, but only by a very small margin. Because of its sheer epicness it just barely stands above the massive amounts of FEELS had by 305's ending.
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