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Can Telltale fix this game?

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I have played the first one on the iPhone, and although it's a good adventure game, keeps to classic point and click play that was made famous all those years ago, but the language in it does make me cringe.. I've got nothing against bad language, but it seemed that in episode 1, they rely on the language way too much to boost laughs when a perfectly good, witty and playable game is already present.

I hope Telltale get to throw in some of their own formulas and turn an average game into a great one! I have every faith in them.:D
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  • This is a raunchy adventure title, of which little to none exist these days. The writing is very clever, and I found it to be more hilarious than most adventure titles, and it's not because there's cursing here and there. It's a shame to hear that you think the language detracts from the game, and that you think the creators are using it as some sort of crutch, because that's quite far from the truth. The language doesn't change the fact that the puzzles are fun, and that the jokes themselves are funnier than most of what's offered on television these days.

    Hector is a foul character in every sense of the word. Asking to clean up the character and the game itself would take away the more unique flavor the series has to offer. Telltale games will always be here to offer you a more PG experience with minor risque jokes here and there. But if you're looking for something a little more dirty, but just as over the top, I think there's a lot to enjoy here. Personally, I found this to be one of the best adventure games available on the iPlatform, and it's a unique one. Definitely worth checking out as long as your ears aren't too sensitive.
  • I hope they don't change the language in it I like hearing Hector's colourful swears.
  • I think Telltale is going to be pretty hands off when it comes to creative input.

    Besides, swearing is healthy when used infrequently because it can reduces stress.
  • Telltale has nothing to do with its development besides instruction on the Telltale tool... I thought. In this respect I thought they were more like a publisher.

    Oh, and I love to swear.
  • Censorship is just not cool, bro.
  • Ballbags is one of the best swears Iv herd.
  • If there's no swears in the other two episodes, people will very probably die. Simple as that.
  • yeah, I thought the game was great as is; really can't wait for it to hit HD
  • TTG will you leave my Ballbags intact?
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