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Playing games when blind.

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I am amazed what some people can do when it comes to gaming, I have seen a guy play tetris lighting fast, even invisible.
People doing speed runs even of the hardest games, learn every move in a game to never get hit and kill enemies fast, or people never missing a note on Professional in Guitar Hero.
But the most impressive thus far is someone playing a computer game even when blind!

I mean I love playing computer games, and I love the visuals as graphics standards goes up every day.

But some don't have the luxury to see it, then how do they get by?
Well Terry Garrett proves it is possible, he has completed Oddworld with only hearing, memorizing, trial and error and quick save.

You can see the video here.

I think It's utterly amazing, I know it's side scroll and I am sure he would struggle with a first person shooter.
But this still proves that you can do anything, if you just put your mind and effort into it.
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