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BTTF episode 1 savegame menu disappeared

posted by LogicDeLuxe on - last edited - Viewed by 265 users
After installing episode 2, the savegame menu is gone in episode 1. Episode 2 is not affected. If I delete the games and reinstall episode 1, the savegame menu is working, but disappears again as soon as I install episode 2.

In case it matters: I first installed the free episode, then after purchasing the season and after finishing episode 2, I downloaded the German version of episode 1, but installed the English version again later on. During this, I noticed that it doesn't let me keep both versions installed, even if I choose a different directory, it just uninstalls my other version automatically.

I'm on Windows XP 32. The game was ordered and directly downloaded from Telltale. No cracks used. Not even installed on a 2nd computer. Login is the same as I use on this forum.
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  • Got it to work now. I had to run BackToTheFuture101.exe directly instead of the desktop launcher after installing episode 2. Very strange, but it seems to solve the issue.
  • Each episode has its own launcher, which can launch the other games too. It seems there's a bug that causes this to happen if you use another episode's launcher. I guess that when you install ep2 in windows its shortcut replaces the old one.
    Let's hope that they fix that bug before ep. 3 (or at least before ep. 5) so that we'll be able to use a single launcher.
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