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Is there something wrong with Paypal tonight?

posted by Rich on - last edited - Viewed by 528 users

I'm in UK and trying to buy Episode 4, but I've tried 3 times now and every time I try to buy it using Paypal, an "abort" screen comes on.

WTF?! Is there something wrong with Paypal?! I have logged into my account OK and clicked the pay button, and it just aborts!

I would appreciate a helpful response to this as it's an annoying problem.
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  • Also, I don't have a credit card and never will so that method of payment is a non starter.
  • Someone else reported this to us today via email (unless that was you?)

    I just tested it without any problems. Please try it again, and if you still get the error message, send an email to [email][/email] with a screenshot of the error. (Send the screenshot as an attachment, not pasted into the body of the email, please.)

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