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What do you want to see in Puzzle Agent 2? (Spoilers)

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I just finished playing Puzzle Agent yesterday and I loved it. However, there were a lot of unanswered question as well as some bugs that need to be worked on.

In Puzzle Agent 2 I hope we get to visit some of the other places in the Town. They had all these diffrent areas but the only ones you visited was the diner, inn, woods, lake and factory but there were more areas on the map that we did not visit so it would be cool to be able to visit those in Part 2

I would also like to learn more about the Cult. I'm still not exactly sure what their agenda is. Like why they locked that guy in the Factory, what was he chosen for?

And the Gnomes of course. What part do they play in all this? Why did they drag the guy into the woods at the end?

And there were also some bugs in the game that need to be fixed for the second one. The major one was when the snowmobile would not show up and you were stuck in that area. Sometime, just backing out and reloading fixed it but not always and you shouldn't have to be backing out of a game to fix bugs anyway.

Some more puzzles are always welcomed of course.

And more creepy Gnomes!!! lol

What do yall want to see in Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • I would like to see the puzzles more cleanly integrated into the story. The first one did OK, but I think it could be done a little better.

    I'd also like to have answers regarding the Cult and the events of the first one. I do hope they don't try to over-explain the gnomes though. I definitely want more insight into them, but really they need to stay mysterious and terrifying or it will seriously undercut the tension (of both games). If we find out everything about them, that might ruin them.

    I'm also hoping the story part is a bit longer. But I always want that :)
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    A very small thing: a notepad.
    Very useful to try to solve most of the puzzles.

    And more varied puzzles.
  • I don't think an in-game notepad is necessary. I mean, I had my own notepad on the side to help me with some of the puzzles.
  • More gnomes.
    That is all.
  • I want something else besides the gnomes. The thing about the last game is that I was not expecting gnomes. So when they popped up outside the diner or in the puzzles, it gave me a quick fright. So something else unexpected would be great.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I want so much creepy that it makes me scared to go to bed by myself!
  • The weird sketcy drawing style is creepier than the gnomes though,but gnomes?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    The music / sound effects add a lot to the creep factor for me (very discordant and unsettling). The hidden people are definitely creepy... how weird is that chattering. Scared the bejeebers out of me when one suddenly appeared while I was concentrating on the pipe puzzle.
  • Don't get me started on the pipe puzzle hidden person....brrrr....i actully screammed holy crap i was that scared.i really didn't see it coming
  • More interesting puzzles, no clickfests and trial & error puzzles as in the first Puzzle Agent.
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