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This seems like a pretty ambitious undertaking...

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Just noticed the new forum title, I love The Walking Dead - saw the TV show last year and then went and read the entire comic series which I'm now a subscriber to. Really looking forward to the possibilities of a game adaptation, Robert Kirkman is an excellent writer and I hope his style translates well to game writing. I'm imagining something very much comic style similar to Puzzle Agent. I just hope you (as with the TV series) make the plot run a little differently to the comic books, so there are still some surprises!
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  • I have no idea how this is being tackled, but a game based on The Walking Dead will probably be incredibly hit or miss, no matter who's doing it.

    The comics are quite relentless & uncompromising. How will that translate to a game?

    One thing that always pisses me off is how in every story hardly everyone ever dies, no matter how dangerous & seemingly impossible the situation is.

    The Walking Dead is just the opposite. Some of the deaths I REALLY wish hadn't happened... but they did. And they made sense. And there's nothing anyone could have done about except for the authors.

    No amount of criticism about touchy subjects, real or imagined, has made any difference so far... That's what makes this comic so great.

    I imagine any game will be a watered down version of it.

    And to be frank, much as I've questioned Telltale on the finished quality of their recent products, choice of controls & artistic direction, none of that is really bothering me at all right now.

    What's really hanging on my mind is the quite simply question... how brutal are you gonna be? How unforgiving? Will your set of balls be as huge as everyone's who's involved with the comics? Or will you deliver a safe approach?

    Telltale zealots, please bear in mind that this is a question I'd ask any company involved with a Walking Dead game & I am not trying to foster a discussion here about anything else but that one question.

  • Use spoiler tags.
  • That's exactly it. It doesn't matter how unfair it is, things happen.

    Being popular doesn't save a character... nothing does.

    How many game companies are willing to put out a game that relentless & unforgiving? Is Telltale willing to do it? Or is it gonna be a friendly zombie game where nothing really bad ever happens & the bad guys get punished & good guys triumph just because it's fair?

    This can be an instant classic if done right. I'd really like to know the approach being taken with this.

    And yeah, spoiler tags for anything closely plot related would be nice.

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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    All good points in here. :D
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