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Sea For Two - a Brand New Show brought to you by - Launched Now!!

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Sea For Two

by SilverWolfPet, Dalixam, Haggis and Miko

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  • I voted too, but just clicked one without reading what I'm voting for. What am I voting for? I don't want to read it or watch it now, as I'm too lazy.
  • Surely making this video couldn't have been entirely easy. How much effort did you put into it? And how often do you think you'll actually be able to release/upload each episode?
  • After we vote on every episode think they should make a DVD release, with special features for the other options.:D
  • That was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. Great to see another series from you, SWP!

    "Are you stupid or just plain idiotic?"
    "I have to think about that one."
  • I'm really glad you like it, guys! We've been preparing it for about two months :) Planning, trying out stuff etc.
    As for the actual releases... We have no idea. It may be weekly. It may be once every two weeks. I don't know, it all depends on so many factors. But we will keep to it as best as we can. :) Thanks for voting! :D
  • Nooo! "Where's the toilet on this thing?" has overtaken "You do know piracy is illegal, don't you?"! The latter would trigger a much bigger reaction than the former, which is what I want to see - I care not for toilets.
  • Yeah, I picked the other one over that one because the toilet gag is likely to be very short and not as inspired...and I just don't think potty humor can live up to how interesting it would be to see the character react to the pirate remark which clearly has that little bit more of character development.

    The toilet is like,'s boring in m honest opinion. Not enough conflict, instigation. (?)
  • doodo!;461346 said:

    The toilet is like,'s boring in m honest opinion. Not enough conflict, instigation. (?)
    You'd be surprised.... image
  • Silverwolfpet;461353 said:
    You'd be surprised.... image
    Now I almost hope the toilet one wins so that we can see what you've got planned. :p
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