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Technical question about the old KQ games.

posted by Ignatius on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I was wondering where are the savegames stored in the old games, specifically King Quest 4. Where or on wich files all that data is.

Im playing KQ 4 right now and just when i am minutes away from winning the game....crash (something about "0x82ó90 not found")

So i was thinking on installing a new version and trying to copy/paste the savegames. If someone can help, i would be really glad. :)

If not, oh well. Start all over.
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  • Are you using DOSBox or ScummVM?

    I would imagine, with DOSBox, they would be in the folder where the KQ4 game files are, whereas with ScummVM they would be in the ScummVM folder. Actually, doesn't KQ4 ask you what directory you want to save/load games from when you do so ingame?

    okay, now then....


    I got KQ6 for Windows working perfectly in Windows 7 x64 using ScummVM, without having any perceptible issues of any kind so far.

    I've been looking into it over the years, and various places I read on the subject of someone asking how to get the Windows version of KQ6 working all have people saying things like "use DOSBox instead" or "can't be done in Windows 64-bit" or suggesting dual-booting or some other such thing.

    ...Then, yesterday on the Sierra Help Pages, I found a new installer for KQ6 that installs both the DOS version (in DOSBox) and the Windows version (in ScummVM) on any version of Windows. They work beautifully on my PC without any currently apparent issues.

    So, anyone who is interested in getting KQ6 for Windows to work on their machine, it's not only now possible but also incredibly easy to do. In fact, there are new installers for all of the other King's Quest games there as well. I hope it helps any of you who may have problems in the future when trying to get these games running.
  • I found the files but my master plan of copy/paste does not work: "That game was saved under a different interpreter. It cannot be restored." Ouch. I think i may have found two different versions of the game.
  • KQ4 is available both in SCI and AGI versions.
  • Ha ha i was just gonna say: "and no, im not playing the AGI version".
    I belive SCI had different versions. There was one visible difference, in one version (the oldest) the yes/no/restore/restart buttons were white while in the other green.
  • I was wondering if anybody have saved games from King Quest 4? The part where my game crashed was trying to get down the stairs in Lolotte castle after Edgar came with the rose and set me free.
    So if anybody got any saved games from somewhere near that part, a little after or a little before, i would be really thankfull.
  • I got your PM, Ignatius. Yes, there are indeed 2 SCI versions of KQ4 besides the AGI version.


    SCI 1.000.111 (Older green button version):

    SCI 1.006.004 (Newer version with all the collections):

    I also prefer the night time backgrounds of the older version which uses alternate backgrounds, while the newer version merely pastes a night sky over the day backgrounds.



    Do you have the version with white buttons or green buttons? I don't have any save games for the green button version, but I may be able to get an appropriate save game at the end for the other. If all else fails, you might check out and see if you can find help there. I'd recommend trying to play it in ScummVM as they implement fixes sometimes for script errors in some SCI games and you might be able to get by that particular part.
  • Well, i got both versions. But it would be nice if i could have a savegame from the newer version (1.006.004 the one with the white buttons) since that was the one that crashed.

    Actually im playing it all over again in the older version, and im close to get there again. So it's not a big deal if you don't have one. But it would be cool only to see if it would have worked, and fix the newer version.

    I didn't know about king quest on scummvm! It's like adding any other game or i have to do something different? I will try that now.
  • It's just like adding any other game. All the King's Quests except 7 and MOE are playable in ScummVM. KQ7 support is coming as it's a later version of SCI. The SCI engine (specifically FreeSCI) has been merged with the ScummVM project for well over a year now I think.

    EDIT: Here's a bunch of save games for KQ4 from my collection CD for every part of the game. Access them by unzipping the numbered folders to your KQ4 directory and then when restoring a game change the directory in the restore game dialogue and add the number of the folder.

    KQ4 1.006.004 Save Files
  • Well thanks a bunch! I already won the game, but i'll check those later.

    Also i tried ScummVM and yes, not only it works fine, but it looks prettier.
  • I've got another problem. More or less.

    It's a question actually.

    This time about King Quest VII. I can run it perfectly using Dosbox. But i always prefer using the boxer, (dosbox add on that allows you to enter the game quickly without typing commands), strangely when using the boxer the game plays without music, voices, and veeeery slow.
    It's strange since the commands in the boxer are the same i use to play it on regular dosbox.
    So, my question is, maybe the boxer is not supported some how? Or there is something im missing?

    Hope someone knows what im talking about.
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