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Lego Back to the Future

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Does anyone else think this would be the perfect lego game? Reasons:
1. It comes in parts, which is what most lego games focus on (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, etc.)
2. Back to the Future has the right amount of comedy to be reinterpreted as legos (imagine the scene where Doc is jumping up and down in the first movie when Einstein time travels, but with legos)
3. A lego Delorean. 'Nuff said.
Anyone else agree?
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  • Have they release BTTF Lego Sets yet? Considering Jurassic Park ones are out there...
  • No they haven't...for some reason, JP gets all the love. Possibly a fourth movie, a new game, new toys, and at least two new comic mini-series.
  • Really the Idea is Sound this has been a popular discussion among my circle of friends about it.

    The Pros:

    A BTTF game for the diehard fans

    The BTTF Story fits well in the Lego universe

    its appealing to kids to get them into the movies

    The Cons:

    Lego games tend to be too kiddy and be considered a Kids only game

    There is no Dialogue in the Lego Games Will People who never seen the Films know what is going on as far as the story goes?

  • Yes the idea with the lego games is too spoof famous movies/franchises in Lego and this is the appeal for adults which is why 37 year old me playing one is ok.

    BTW: Lego Batman uses the moves, comics and the fan favorite(and excellent) "Batman the Animated Series".
  • Ichijo wrote: »
    The BTTF Story fits well in the Lego universe
  • Ichijo wrote: »

    Lego games tend to be too kiddy and be considered a Kids only game

    I dunno I found some of the Lego games to be tricky at some points and I enjoy playing them as an adult. Just cause kids can play it doesn't make it kid only
  • Sign me up. I found them quite enjoyable. Games can be fun without being toned and themed like a desert wrapped in brown bricks and camouflage :) I reckon BTTF would lend really well to that style of game.
  • It COULD be fun, but so could a Lego Star Trek. Know why we haven't seen either of these concepts? Because there are no BTTF or Star Trek Lego sets. Until then, I don't think it's going to happen. Unless really, really bored fans make them.
  • I think Lego BTTF would be a much easier franchise, with set episodes they could work on.
    Star trek....where the hell would you start? Original? TNG? Movies?
    DS9 would work well as a place to stage a Star Trek game.......ok, now I want Lego Star Trek too. You bastard.
  • giuliop wrote: »
    I'm sorry, but while a physical LEGO Delorean would be undoubtedly cool, I think all LEGO games suck - hard. They are repetitive as hell, generally too easy, and typically add pretty much nothing to the story.
    Plus, I've never understood the idea behind LEGO games: why would you want blocky characters in a virtual, limitless world? Why, while being blocky, they don't follow the rules of the physical world? It's a twisted concept to me.
    I am definitely not looking forward to it. Sorry :)

    I think that's the point. The Lego games geared to more child/family audiences.
    They're incredibly easy/fun to play while listening to a podcast or something.
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