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Kings Quest Memories

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Theres Another Game that i Love besides Kings Quest and that is Tomb Raider

Now theres a Site where we use Tons of Models to Pose and Make Incredible Screens.

People there made me a King Graham Model by using one of the Characters from the Tomb Raider Game.

Theres a Program Called XNALara and you can get Characters/Objects/Scenes from Many Games and Pose them in any way you like.

Here is what he looks like :p
Graham takes the Bucket of Water and throw it at the Fire Breathing Dragon.

The Beast is so Ashamed, that he Puffs up Smoke and moves the Boulder away and crawls through the hole to the outside.

Graham takes the Magic Mirror and walks out the way the Dragon went.


Graham watches as the Goat is ready to charge the Troll gaurding the Bridge.


Sorry, but those People dident have a Posable Owl

Graham should becareful as to not fall off the side of the Mountain, luckally the Cloak will keep him Warm through the Cold


As Graham reaches the Crystal Cave, a Yeti emerges, so Graham takes out the Custard Pie and throws it at the Beast.


Graham quickly play the Harp for the Ice Queen before the Wolfs can tear him apart


After Gaham push the boulder aside, he finds a hole with a Dagger inside.

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