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Roberta Williams/Josh Mandel discussion

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Congrats to the Telltale team for announcing the return of mid-30 year old males (and anyone else old enough to remember this series) to the world of computer gaming!

Can anyone from TT comment on Roberta Williams's involvement in terms of story & design, if such plans even exist?
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  • I don't know about the IA or AGDI remakes, but Ken at least did make comment on The Silver Lining's forums at least once.
  • My dad only had KQ 7 while I was growing up and I never got the hang of it. I didn't fall head over heels for adventure games until I was in middle school and now in my early 20s I'm just getting to the King's Quest games for the first time (and loving the hell out of each one)
  • I feel that it is best to let them go. When visionaries become tired of their work or lose their way, they usually don't recover their magic, in my opinion.
  • Hey!

    I remember reading a quote from Roberta Williams in which she said in essence that the only person who truly understands KQ besides her is Josh. Does anyone have the exact quote, or know where it came from?
  • Dude. Are you KQ1995 from the IA boards?
  • Lambonius;460273 said:
    Dude. Are you KQ1995 from the IA boards?
    Yeah meng.
  • Heh...thought so. ;) You should ask Baggins over on the POS boards (or at IA.) If anyone would know, it would be him.
  • Assuming that King Graham will be in the game, I would really love to see Josh Mandel reprise his role for the character.

    Josh was the official voice of Graham for KQV and KQVI. He also lent his voice for the fan remakes (AGDI's KQI, KQII; IA's KQIII). Plus he was the designer of Sierra's own KQI Remake (1990).

    Aside from the fact that he makes an excellent King Graham, I think bringing Josh back could only help in making Telltale's game feel (or more appropriately, sound) like a King's Quest. I've spoken previously on my hope for Roberta Williams and Mark Seibert's involvement; I thought I should also show my support for Josh Mandel's excellent voice.
  • I think Josh could do a great job as King Graham, despite not being a professional voice actor. I think with a little coaching and some good direction (which he pretty much didn't have at all when doing KQ5) he could overcome some of the awkwardness of his performance in that game. I'd love to hear of his involvement in that or any respect with the project.

    Josh Mandel, one of the original designers of King's Quest, the voice actor of Graham, and a man whom Roberta Williams herself proclaimed is the only other person who knows King's Quest as much as she has has given his seal of approval:

    "Telltale and I have spoken a bit lately, but there's nothing more I can (or should) say about it!

    But I would love to be King Graham for Telltale, and I trust them completely with the property.


    Note that Josh has a history of being brutally honest with his opinions on King's Quest. He called out Roberta on taking Mask of Eternity in an un-KQ direction; he publicly disagreed with the designers of TSL over their plotline. He is a purist, a traditionalist. If he "trusts TT completely" with his game, I'd say that's a strong vote of confidence in this game, and a good sign that it won't disappoint.
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