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Walking Dead auf Deutsch - in Deutschland,Oesterreich,Schweiz?

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Hallo Alle,

Na ja meine Name ist Andre und spreche Deutsch und Franzoesich. Leider ist mein schrift nicht so gut, das merkt Ihr schon!:o. Aber wichtig fuer uns ist mit euch, unsere Deutsche Fans zu kommunizieren. Wir Ihr weisst wir haben vor "Eine Walking Dead Serie" zu launchen (english). Vielleicht koennt Ihr uns sagen was Ihr denkt ueber die Serie. Sind die Komic Books bekannt in Deutsch sprachigen Laendern? Habt Ihr die Serie gesehen in euren Laendern? Was ist eure Erwartung fuer eine Serie wie Walking Dead? Besser mit Deutschen Stimmen?

Wir hoeren gern auf Ihre Kommentaren


Nebenbei. Ich bin ein halb Franzose, Viertel Perser Viertel Deutsch und lebe seid 14 Jahr in den Sorry fuer mein Gebrochnes Schreiben und Sprache, aber ich liebe die deutsche Sprache und meine liebe Frau ist Deutsch ;)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I'm not really sure about the Comics. Comic culture is a bit unpredictable in Germany. However, for a graphic novel, there are quite numerous positive reviews on concerning the German translations of the comics.

    The TV series, however, no one knows over here. It has started on the German "Fox Channel", but that is pay TV, and I have seldom met Germans who actually have pay TV. The key problem is, Germans necessarily pay for the so called "öffentlich-rechtliche" TV programs (the state-prescribed idea of an "independent" media), so anyone who owns a TV has to pay and in the very near future, every household has to regardless of a TV ownership. Not many Germans would pay even more for pay TV.

    Until the "Walking Dead" series slips into free TV, no one will know the series over here except some graphic novel fans who would import the series from the U.S. (few would) to play on a code-free DVD player (even fewer have one) - and as the DVD is just out 10 days, that doesn't mean much as of yet. :(
  • Switzerland here

    I saw the serie in englisch, and i liked it..

    ... i am not sure, but i think the serie will not be show on german / swiss tv or so... i dont know the comics either.....
  • I live in Cologne, Germany and I know a lot of people who know the TV show (english version), but did not read the comic books. However, the comic shops I know got The Walking Dead Novels and TWD seems to get popular.

    IMHO compared to the original voices, the german versions of every american movie or TV show is not that good. I personally prefer original voice with german subtitles / text in GAMES, but without subtitles in MOVIES and TV shows.

    Btw. Andre, really nice to have you at Telltale and caring for us here. :)
  • I only read the (english) comic books and I'm really looking forward to the game.
    I'm not much into the german comic scene though. All I know is that among my brother and the younger fellas mangas seem to be more popular. Despite I recommended TWD to him a while ago I'm doubting he had a look yet :rolleyes:
    Personally I'm sticking with the original language if possible. Since it worked well with Sam & Max I'm planning to play TWD in english aswell.

    Hard to tell about the tv-series. Won't become a mainstream success for Vainamoinen's reasons anytime soon in Germany. And I was told the german version is missing about 20 min. However the english version seems to have quite a lot of followers here too.
    Vainamoinen;469020 said:
    [...] and in the near future, every household has to regardless of a TV ownership.
    THIS! :mad:
  • I have UnityMedia triple-play service, with phone, internet and TV over the TV-cable. And part of my program are some of those so called "pay tv" channels. But I have that much channels now, I have not much time to watch them all... but I have Fox, Syfy, TNT and so on.

    2013 is the year where we have to pay for TV/PC/Radio even if you don't own them. And as radio and PC are cheaper, they become more expensive in 2013, as there the price for the TV has to be paid even if you only own a radio or pc.
  • If you want to sell the game (or a movie or anything else really) to the german mainstream audience, you really need a translated and dubbed version of it. While I prefer the originals whenever possible, as some others here in this thread, I'm (we're) part of a minority.

    In germany _everything_ on TV is dubbed. Thats the way we've grown accustomed to, what people expect. They want to be able to sit back and relax while playing a game (or watching TV) and not have to worry about the language (also german dubs are generally quite good).

    As for Walking Dead I don't think a lot of people really know the franchise over here. Once the TV series hits free TV that might change, but right now ...
  • hab die serie auf englisch gesehen und bin auch erst dadurch auf das comic aufmerksam geworden. ICH LIEBE ES!

    gute frage, ob sich ne deutsche lokalisation lohnt. gibts irgendwo verkaufszahlen der deutschen comics? evlt. mal beim verlag anfragen?

    nachfrage wird auf jeden fall steigen, wenn die serie mal im free-tv gelaufen is, da stimme ich zu
  • I would be delighted to have an option to play the game with fully translation into German. It was and is a great experience to be able to play the Back to the Future episodes on the original english or localized german languages.
  • Hey there,
    I'm the proofreader of the German edition of the The Walking Dead comic series.
    It's pretty successful (each volume includes some specials that are not available in the English edition like interviews, zombie movie guides ...) and has gotten even more known since the TV series started, so (some) people watch it here too, obviously.

    Regarding the game, I would recommend subtitles in different languages to chose from, keeping the original voices. IMHO more and more people prefer to watch American TV series in English (often with subtitles in English or German) because they don't like dubbed voices. But I guess this is rather a problem when actors are involved, so if you work with really good German voice actors, a dubbed version of a videogame should be okay, too.
    As mentioned before, the possibility to choose (dubbed version, original version, original version with subtitles) seems like a great idea.
  • If there are characters from the TV show in the game and they will be dubbed, they must have the same voices in both TV show and game.
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